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10 Fun Indoor Activities on Rainy Day with Your Family

rainy day indoor activities-cooking with your child

Surprisingly, once in a while rain clouds do show up on the Cape and Islands, forcing us to find alternate plans from lounging around the beach. But a lot of why is Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Winery great may be the large number of other outside activities not requiring sunshine. Listed here are a couple of suggestions for fun you can do on rainy day indoor activities. I know because there are a lot of activities in this world, so I just give you my best 10 rainy day indoor activities.

1. Come with an Indoor Treasure Search

Children in the home? Maintain their day lively having a treasure search.  Make some clues for each player (try rhyming the clues just for fun), each clue leading to another one and, finally, towards the treasure. Seal them in envelopes marked having a clue number (i.e., 2/7, or “two of seven”) this helps the treasure hunters keep a record. Whomever solves the clues first and finds the treasure-a little toy, an IOU for any movie, perhaps a cache of coins (regular or chocolate)-may be the champion. And have your children play together to resolve the clues-and identify the treasure-together.

2. Try to Make Your Own Bubble Bath

Put on a calming bath laced with your personal moisturizing soap blend. Inside a clean container, mix together ½ cup mild liquid hands or body soap, 1 tablespoon sugar or honey, and 1 egg white-colored. Pour the whole mixture underneath the flowing water while you draw your bath. Honey is really a natural humectant, that will attract and retain moisture inside your skin. The egg white-colored helps create more powerful, longer-lasting bubbles, for any nice, fluffy bath. For added-dried-out skin, attempt to add a tablespoon of sunshine oil, for example almond or light sesame. (Another surprising bath booster? Vinegar.)

3. Make a family recipe book

The Thing You Need

  • Unlined journal
  • Recipe cards (the greater sauce-splattered, the greater)
  • Wine or Champagne labels
  • Photos from family meals
  • Adhesive
  • Photo corners
  • Ruler
  • Shimmery alphabet stickers (offered at crafts stores)
  • Ribbon
How to proceed
  • Color-copy all instructions cards, photos, and labels if you wish to preserve the originals or make several gift book.
  • Compile the memorabilia by period of time, holiday, or another theme that inspires you.
  • Affix the products horizontally within the journal. Use photo corners for pictures and recipe cards and adhesive for labels and clippings.
  • Stick a title around the front from the journal with alphabet stickers (utilizing a ruler helps), and finished served by a ribbon.

4. Camp within the Great Inside

Who states camping tents need to stay outdoors? For those who have a pop-up or small dome tent, it’s very easy to setup camp for your children inside. Otherwise, you may create camping tents by draping sheets within the couch. Make sure they are comfy with airbeds, pillows, and sleeping-bags, then follow-through by having an indoor picnic to become eaten “under canvas.”

5. Invent a (No-Batteries) Game

Anne Libera, artistic affiliate in the Second City Training Center, stands out on the following play-anywhere, no-props-needed activities.

One-word story: Beginning with “Once upon a period,Inches bypass the area and also have each individual give a single word towards the story. Tip: Pick a genre ahead of time?storybook, ghost story, etc.?and move from there.

Improvised poetry: One individual states a type of poetry, and subsequently must say a line that rhymes by using it, and so forth. Let kids repeat the first line it’s your decision to obtain the rhyme.

Yes, and…monster! Invent an imaginary monster, with every person adding a brand new characteristic towards the first person’s monster description. Every breakthrough should start by having a passionate, “Yes, and…” and make on which was already described.

6. Deep-Condition Hair

You have been attempting to provide your hair an in-depth treatment but simply haven’t had the ability to arrive at the pharmacy or salon. Walk to the fridge to locate your solution: mayonnaise. Beginning in the scalp, coat strands with ½ cup mayo. Leave on for fifteen minutes, then rinse completely. (For additional at-home how-tos, see DIY Beauty Treatments and Fashion Fixes.)

7. Bake Up Some Choco-Chips Cookies

Nothing cures wet day blues just like a fresh batch of chocolate nick cookies. Dunk them in milk or eat ’em (practically) away from the oven-a guaranteed method to happily weather the storm. Now, if your family fancy other varieties, that’s not a problem: We’ve 19 additional classic cookie recipes to select from.

8. Organize Your Personal Film Festival

Queue up some classics, old (e.g. Singin’ while it is raining) and new (e.g. Toy Story 3), allow the kids give a couple of favorites-even add last week’s The American Idol Show on DVR for variety-and also have a marathon screening. Have a cozy put on hands to snuggle under, a large bowl of popcorn to use, and get ready to savor the show(s).

9. Host a “Tea” Party

Wear fancy bad eggs, set the table using the good china, and you should get some most formal manners (remember, extend your pinkie and sip nicely). Around the menu: tea (for you personally), juice or cacao (for your kids), and simple egg or chicken salad tea sandwiches in fun shapes, thanks to cookie cutters. Enable your kids decide the list of guests-and which of the favorite dolls or furry buddies take presctiption it.

10. Improve in your Mixology

Is the signature drink a glass of dark wine? Are you currently afraid of cocktail shakers and coupe glasses? Would you question what is bitters are? (We all do too.) Make use of a lazy mid-day to understand the skill of the classic drink-we’re speaking Mad Men era cocktails here-that you could serve at the next social gathering or pour on your own following a tough work day. Knowing the fundamentals, you are able to affect the recipes to fit your taste. So grab some snacks-no one should drink manhattans or martinis before eating anything-review the main difference between bourbon …

Good Food for Mood

10 Good Food for Mood That Can Make Your Smile

cereal is good food for moodHaving a bad day? Mood not helping?
Did you know that there are some foods can actually change your mood? Mostly, people mistakenly resort to foods and drinks such as coffee, alcohol or sugar to boost their mood, but in reality, they only make your problems worse. This following lists 10 of good food for mood also healthy which have good side on your brain and can help improve your mood wonderfully.

Oily fish

Eating fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines regularly is said to keep your brain healthy and lighten your mood.
Tip: Do this at least once a week.


Eating oatmeal or any other wholegrain foods are an easy way to feel great. Their low GI qualities regulate bloodstream sugar levels, releasing energy in a constant pace during the day. Additionally they contain selenium, which has additionally been recommended to maintain your mood afloat by stabilizing the thyroid. Oats will provide with the shot of energy you need, while stabilizing your mood.
Tip: A bowl of oats is the perfect way to start your day!


Bananas are one of the good food for mood and boost your energy body. Wealthy in potassium and Vitamin b, they are able to provide the body having a more sustained discharge of energy. The availability of vitamins and carbohydrates in bananas cause you to feel full, help slow lower digestion and bloodstream sugar levels stable. They are packed with the right vitamins and minerals to feed your brain and lift your mood.
Tip: Great for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack.

Chicken and Turkey

Should you not learn about how great poultry enables you to feel, go making a poultry sandwich at this time! Whenever you will find Christmas and Thanksgiving gatherings, then you can be certain that poultry will probably be around the menu. That’s because poultry comes full of serotonin and you’re likely to feeling super sleepy once you have an amount of high-quality poultry. If you’re seeking to get a great night’s sleep and obtain more protein in what you eat, then poultry is what you want. Beat the blued or other symptoms of depression by consuming these meats.
Tip: Eat no more than a few times a week. Add them to soups and sandwiches.


If you’ve learned about the medical advantages of eating green spinach, then you need to certainly pay attention to whomever you’re speaking to! Green spinach is filled with iron and protein that provides your body with the power it must get throughout the day. Whenever you add green spinach for your diet, you’re instantly likely to be feeling better and more powerful – no question that Popeye accustomed to eat a lot green spinach! Plus, you will find a complete abundance of the way that you could eat more green spinach. For instance, you can include these to your scrambled eggs each morning or produce a salad for supper that utilizes green spinach, instead of lettuce. Leafy green vegetables like spinach or broccoli supply the body with important mood-boosting vitamins.
Tip: Add it to your salads, soups or stir-fry to give them that nutritional boost.


Breakfast cereal (or just cereal) is a food product made from processed grains that is often eaten as the first meal of the day. It is eaten hot or cold, and can sometimes be mixed with milk, yogurt, or fruit. Some companies promote their products for the health benefits from eating oat-based and high-fiber cereals. In America, cereals are often fortified with vitamins but can also lack many of the vitamins needed for a hearty breakfast. A significant proportion of cold cereals are made with high sugar content. Many breakfast cereals are produced via extrusion. (Source: Wikipedia)
Tip: Just 1 cup covers 1/3 of your recommended daily intake of calcium.

Dark Chocolate

If you’re believing that you cannot add chocolate to your diet for fears that it is not healthy, then reconsider! You certainly should avoid milk chocolate or white-colored chocolate, however, when you add chocolates for your diet, you will obtain a serious increase in the atmosphere department. Dark chocolate can reduce stress hormones and trigger the release of endorphins in the brain. That’s because chocolates is filled with minerals and vitamins that are ideal for your happiness levels. It’s even been proven that chocolates may well be a great strategy to installments of depression and anxiety!
Tip: Just a couple of squares will do the trick.

Brazilian Nuts

Should you not like walnuts a lot, you’ll be able to obtain the same advantages of eating Brazilian nuts. These little nuts come as one of good food for mood because of so many minerals and vitamins which help by helping cover their your state of health and mood. Plus, much like walnuts, there are many ways that exist them to your diet! Just pop a few on to your teeth every occasionally for any snack or add these to your salad while dining or lunchtime.
Tip: As few as 3 are enough to boost your mood!


An amount of lentils each day can improve your body’s serotonin levels, enabling you to relax and feel good. They are extremely full of iron, accountable for your entire day-to-day levels of energy.
Tip: Add half a cup to soups or stews.


The probiotics present in yogurt, are not just ideal for the tum and immune health. They may good food for mood also affect your mind functioning, growing the atmosphere-boosting neurotransmitters.If you’re a lady who’s experiencing PMS, you’ll be able to frequently overcome these mood spikes with the addition of some yogurt to your diet. It’s been proven that a mug of yogurt can perform wonders for the mood. You may either have yogurt during breakfast, capped served by some granola and fruits, or get it for some mid-day snack when you are feeling lower.…

Sweetness of Matcha & Warmness of Ginger – Nutribullet

Last week I got a present from my grandfather a personal blender. When I opened, it was Nutribullet Pro 900! I can’t believe with my own eyes because I always wanted to get that. Some my friends ask me why I am always use Nutribullet that Nutri Ninja. There are some reasons why I prefer use Nutribullet than Nutri Ninja.
So here, I want to share my personal opinion about Nutribullet vs Nutri Ninja. Because everyone always argue which one is better blender. Plus, in here I want to share a recipe how to make healthy matcha shake using Nutribullet Pro 900.

Nutribullet Pro 900

First, let me introduce about Nutribullet Pro 900 and my review about it.
Nutri Bullet Pro 900

Price $290

  • Power 900W
  • Width 15mm
  • Height 310mm
  • Depth 14mm

Positives: Has 32 ounce capacity. Capacity is worth considering because it means it holds more raw ingredients for blending down to a smoothie. Nutribullet comes with many jars and a excellent recipe book for easy use. (We love the Nutribullet nutrition book and recipe guide). It has more RPM (rotations per minute) 25,000 compared to Ninja BL450 RPM of 21,000.

Negatives: Some users dislike the removable washer which can trap food under it if you don’t wash it after use (I have never had a problem with the washer).

Overall Opinion: We have used the Nutribullet Pro everyday for years and love it. It comes with a nice set of accessories and I love their easy recipe book. They have sold millions of blenders and have a good overall rating on Amazon.

So according review above, I prefer Nutribullet because it easier and simpler than using Nutri Ninja. In my opinion, I don’t like using Nutri Ninja because of the design and accessories. Here I want to give a comment about Nutri Ninja Pro BL450.

Nutri Ninja Pro BL450


The jar is smaller (24 ounce) which I didn’t like. I dislike how you have to hold the cup down on the Ninja blender the entire blending time vs the Nutribullet you just lock it down and it blends. Comes with a tiny recipe book (only 20 recipes). Has slightly less motor speed than Nutribullet although we aren’t sure if it was enough to effect blending results.

Then Nutri Ninja Auto IQ BL 482

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ BL 482

Nutri Ninja auto IQ BL 482

I read some review about the blades breaking on this blender but does not seem to be general. Nutrininja IQ has 1000 watt motor but the RPM(revolutions per minute) is still 21,000 so you don’t really notice a change in the slight increase of wattage vs. the Nutribullet 900 or NutriNinja BL450 which have 900 watt motors.

That’s all about my short reviews about Nutri Ninja. Next is about how to make matcha shake with ginger and pineapple.
Matcha is one of my favorite flavor, not only the taste is so sweet and yummy. The green color is my favorite color. Then I want to make something with matcha using my new Nutri Bullet and I want to share the recipe in here.
Why do I using ginger?
Because I live in the country with extreme weather, so sometimes today is hot and sometimes today is cold. But because today the weather always rainny recently so ginger is the best choice to make a warm drink. Plus I like matcha so I was thinking it is not a bad idea to mixed it become a delicious drink.

Let’s start make it!
Prepare the ingredients!
  • 2 Cups Frozen Unsweetened Pineapple Chunks
  • 1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1 Teaspoon Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • 1 Teaspoon Ginger
  • 1/8 Teaspoon Stevia Sweetner Extract
1. Add all ingredients to your Tall Cup and extract for 30 seconds, or until smooth.
(Because I use Nutri Bullet Pro 900 so I add all ingredients then mixed them until looks fluffy, because I like this texture).
2. Enjoy the shake!
You can use soy milk if you feel difficult to find almond milk.

That’s all for my sharing about Nutribullet, Nutri Ninja and the recipe today. Feel free to give a feedback. For more review about those 3 blender above, you check on Blender Versus.com